PhillyDH@Penn will take place at the Penn Libraries’ new Special Collections Center on Tuesday, June 4, 2013.

The day’s schedule will include two sessions of workshops, an unconference with a lightning round, and an evening speaker. We expect to attract faculty, students, members of the cultural community, educators, curators, developers, and administrators from cultural institutions, universities, libraries, museums, archives, digital media companies, and many other fields throughout the greater Philadelphia region with interest in the digital humanities.

PhillyDH@Penn builds on several earlier events including THATCamp Philly (2011 and 2012) and THATCamp@Penn 2012 (browse photos).

What is an “unconference”?

The shortest answer is this: an unconference is a highly informal conference. Two differences are particularly notable. First, at an unconference, the program isn’t set beforehand: it’s created on first thing that morning with the help of all the participants rather than beforehand by a program committee. Second, at an unconference, there are no presentations — all participants in an unconference are expected to talk and work with fellow participants in every session. An unconference is to a conference what a seminar is to a lecture; going to an unconference is like being a member of an improv troupe where going to a conference is (mostly) like being a member of an audience. For more information, see Wikipedia’s entry on the unconference.

Organizing Committee

Our thanks to:

Susan K. Anderson, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Doreva Belfiore, Temple University
Martha Brogan, Penn Libraries
Peter Decherney, English and Cinema Studies, Penn
Jim English, Digital Humanities Forum, Penn
Mitch Fraas, Penn Libraries
Marjorie Hassen, Penn Libraries
Matt Herbison, Drexel University
John MacDermott, SAS Computing, Penn
David McKnight, Penn Libraries
Larry Milliken, Drexel University
Will Noel, Penn Libraries
Karrie Peterson, Penn Libraries
Carton Rogers, Penn Libraries
Caitlin Shanley, Penn Libraries
Rebecca Stuhr, Penn Libraries
Anu Vedantham, Penn Libraries

Recent Posts

PhillyDH@Penn Storify

To capture the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement that ensued at PhillyDH@Penn (and in the following weeks!), Mitch Fraas and I put together a Storify to re-cap the day. Our story highlights tweets, Instagram pictures, blog posts, and links to sites and materials from workshops and unconference sessions. Check out our story and let us know what you think!


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