Workshop Registration

We are excited that over 216 people have registered for PhillyDH@Penn here at the Penn Libraries’ Special Collection Center on June 4. Please check your email for details on registering for workshops, lunch preferences, etc. We will handle workshop signups first-come first-served.

On June 4, please bring your Photo ID or PennCard for building entry. Also, please bring your laptop (or iPad) and charger along if you can. We plan to video-record the day so please plan accordingly.

Please log on to this website and let us know if any difficulties come up. You can propose an unconference session now, comment on someone else’s proposal or wait to do this in person that morning. Do let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for us.

4 thoughts on “Workshop Registration

  1. Also I just registered myself as “jeffreycwitt” and one of my students “njtsottles” but I did not a confirmation email. Can you confirm that our registrations were made?

  2. Is registration closed? The link to register gives me the following response:

    PhillyDH@Penn Registration
    The form “PhillyDH@Penn Registration” is no longer accepting responses.
    Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.

  3. Dear Jeffrey and Natalie, Yours were the last two registrations we could accept before we ran out of room!

  4. Nicole Joniec of LCP will be attending in the afternoon and my registration got lost in the fray. May I attend in her place in the morning until 1PM?

    Nicole Scalessa, IT Manager, Library Company of Philadelphia

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