Joseon and Chosŏn

Hello.  I am a historian of East Asian Art, and I’d like to greet you with a little survey.  The Philadelphia Museum of Art will host a major exhibition next year called “The Art of the Joseon Dynasty. “  My survey has four questions:

1) When and where was the Joseon Dynasty?  (PS–I know the “right” answer, but I want to know what non-specialists in East Asia might think this refers to.)

2) When and where was the Chosŏn Dynasty?

3) When and where was the Yi Dynasty?

4) What is the correct pronunciation of Joseon and Chosŏn?  How do they differ?

Thank you.  You can leave answers in your comments.

2 thoughts on “Joseon and Chosŏn

  1. I only know that Choson is Korea, and that North Korea still uses this designation, South Korea uses Hanguk. I’m guessing the Joseon is related or a derivation of Choson. I would pronounce Choson phonetically (Cho-san)–not sure I’ve heard it spoken.

  2. 1&2) I believe both the Choson and Joseon are different transliterations of the same dynasty name, although I only remember encountering Choson. I have no idea about the time period — my grasp of periodization in East Asian history is very shaky, and I always have to look dynasty dates up.
    3) I have no idea.
    4) Again, I would assume they are pronounced the same or similarly, probably in a way that encompasses both of the transliterations — so the initial sound would be half-way between an English CH and an English J. I believe I have only encountered the term while reading.

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