Collecting student work examples

Hi all, I direct the Weigle Information Commons at Penn Libraries. I’m looking forward to meeting many new people. Looks like it will be a packed day!

I would like to propose an unconference session on methods for collecting, managing and displaying student work examples from courses, independent research etc. We’ve been trying to do this ad-hoc for several years now, and I’m ready for a better plan. I know Omeka has potential for this, and would like to hear about similar projects.

2 thoughts on “Collecting student work examples

  1. Collecting, managing & displaying student work is a terrific idea for an unconference session. Developing and presenting a successful model for this would be of great interest at the College Art Assoc. annual conference, ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Organizations, AUGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts and at other venues.

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