Photograph of Will NoelOn behalf of PhillyDH, Penn Libraries and the Organizing Committee, I am delighted to introduce PhillyDH@Penn, a one day digital humanities conference held in the new Special Collections Center on the sixth floor of Penn’s Van Pelt-Dietrich Library on June 4.  A mixture of lightning talks, unconference sessions and workshops given by experts, the day is designed to bring the humanities and cultural communities in Philly into the heart of Penn, for a day of information exchange, learning, and creative play.

It is a conference for everybody.  Absolute beginners can turn up early, and find angels ready to help with the most basic questions, from the locations of the restrooms to logging onto the WIFI.

The theme of the conference, solidly grounded in a culture of open access, is “Projects for Anybody, Tools For Everybody.”  We have the most basic workshops and more advanced sessions.  Perhaps most importantly we have lots of spaces, and lots of time on the calendar for you to help others, get help yourself, and present your projects as you change your corner of the world. Because that’s the goal of the conference: to empower you to make a difference.
I do hope to see you on the day!

Will Noel
Director, Special Collections Center, University of Pennsylvania